Streamlining Content

Enterprise Content Management (ECM), is a secure system that organizes company information such as documents, spreadsheets, data records, collateral materials, images, and more. ECM includes tools for searching, collaboration, document check out, data analysis, archiving, and other types of file administration.

As a strategy, ECM can streamline your business workflow by adding:

  • Productivity: Enable workers to make quicker decisions by eliminating time spent cataloging, searching, mailing, and tracking documents
  • Collaboration: Empower your team to work together efficiently
  • Practicality: Do away with paperwork, filing systems, storage, and postage
  • Security: Maintain compliance standards, user access, and version oversight
  • Integrity: Reduce the risk of poor communication by seamlessly providing current, consistent information to employees, business partners, and customers

Your time is precious. ECM is your chance to reimagine how you do business, with technology on your side.

- YouTube

Easy, Efficient, Everywhere

Content has a lifecycle. It is strategized, created, evaluated, shared, maintained, and eventually gets replaced or retired. ECM operates on a continual basis to dynamically track and respond to content in all stages:

  1. Capture: Entering content into the system. (digitizing paper documents, cataloging multimedia files, character recognition scanning, live data collection, etc.)
  2. Analyze: Categorizing data so it can be found. (classifying files, extracting and assigning metadata, and indexing to enable dynamic search capabilities)
  3. Connect: Creating an appropriate home in your infrastructure. (creating a digital pathway between data and user point of access)
  4. Preserve: Ensuring data security. (version rollback, permissions control, sensitive content compliance standards, and archiving tools)
  5. Deliver: Putting information in the right people’s hands right when they need it. (bridging on-premise files and cloud storage for immediate retrieval)

For insight on how other organizations leverage ECM for bottom line impact, and to help assess your IT strategy, download the Business Case for ECM

Intelligent Information Management

Intelligent Information Management (IIM) is an advanced version of Enterprise Content Management that governs information that is not organized in a fixed manner (text within documents, images, dates, numbers, or facts that don’t lie within predefined fields). Typically IIM includes large collections of files, emails, presentations, multimedia, web pages, social media, and other information that isn’t stored in a rows-and-columns, database format. 

Nearly 80% of data organizations see and process daily is unstructured. With increasing challenges like remote collaboration and growth, businesses must adapt to handle their rising stores of unstructured data. Information handling will vary by process and application. To facilitate control of data across multiple systems and softwares, you need a method of finding, identifying, managing and processing information regardless of its location.  

In order to provide leading-edge content services, our team utilizes M-Files, the only Intelligent Information Management platform that organizes content based on what it is, not where it's stored. With built-in Artificial Intelligence (AI), M-Files can connect existing network folders and systems to automatically categorize and protect information.

Explore how IIM and AI-driven workflows eliminate information and workflow challenges, contributing to organization-wide productivity gains. 

Partners in Success

Strickland Solutions will evaluate your company’s processes and procedures to develop an Enterprise Content Management solution that supports both your workflow and your business goals. We can assess your current IT operations, gauge your content management challenges, and formulate a personalized plan that prioritizes key areas to generate practical and financial results. Our implementation team will work with you every step of the way to ensure a smooth transition, reviewing and adjusting as needed, and growing with you.

Envision your future with ECM, and Strickland Solutions as your partner in success.