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Strickland Solutions, Inc. was honored at the 2019 MFILES Partner Conference in Dublin, Ireland for demonstrating excellence in innovation, sales and marketing and customer solutions based on M-FILES Technology.

M-Files Acquires Apprento

Congratulations to M-Files Corporation, the intelligent information management company, on the acquisition of Apprento, a Canadian-based provider of artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology solutions.

As the market moves more and more towards Artificial Intelligence we are proud of M-Files for making this monumental investment. This acquisition illustrates the company’s focus on automating and simplifying the way business professionals manage information and related processes.

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Brad’s Q&A with OGM

The OGM had the opportunity to Q & A with Brad Nickle, Executive Vice President of Strickland Solutions about this innovative mapping tool for the oil and gas industry, that is changing the way we work with data in an all inclusive way. He explains how they set out to revolutionize document management, document search and document control.

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Our Niche


Information and Document Governance:

The average organization has 20% of its data embedded in corporate databases (Structured data) and 80% of its data in documents, spreadsheets, PDFs (Unstructured content). This mixture of Structured and Unstructured data often results in hindering an organizations basic decision making processes due to the inability to rapidly access the desired information at the decision making point.


Using the science of Access, Strickland Solutions can leverage your existing information assets, while designing, implementing, and deploying new processes that make it possible to have the correct data at your fingertips.


Systems Integration:

Latest improvements in systems architectures make it feasible and cost effective to integrate two different commercial applications in such a way to create a new solution that propels your organization forward.


GIS, Mobile, Databases, Capture, Content Management systems, etc. can be combined to form something to support your company’s distinctive competency and generate new sources of revenue.

Superior Decision Making

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