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Why integrations matter

In a typical company, documents are stored in more than three separate content platforms — in addition to several line-of-business applications across the company.

To make some sense of the information you have, you need a way to connect these separate information silos to make it readily available. M-Files integrates with most common line-of-business applications, as well as various content repositories, including network folders, SharePoint, and legacy ECM solutions.



  • M-Files connection to ERP, CRM, and external databases. (Dynamics GP, Landworks, Aries, Excalibur)

  • ESRI GIS Integration – ERP & Forestry systems

  • Replacement of third party Integrated DMS for a commercial application

  • PsiGen Integrations 


  • More than 22 M-Files implementations in 2020.

  • Financial, Banking, Insurance, Engineering, Manufacturing, Real Estate, and Healthcare

  • Vault builder tool - create a vault from specifications in less than 5 minutes


  • 1000 real estate agents can register properties with all require documents

  • GE Capital – Manages $3 Billion oil & gas portfolio on a financial web portal integrating 30 different accounting systems

  • Insurance portal integrates with existing EIM System 


  • Consumer Testing Labs - Quality Management Software (QMS) solution for SOP management, quality document control and CAPAs



  • Migration of existing documents from network folders or legacy systems

  • Development of a customized metadata driven vault that expedites finding documents based on “What it is” versus “where someone put it”

  • Connection to external databases such as ERP, CRM, or other structured data to leverage as metadata for documents

  • Connection to email servers or network folders for automated capture of documents

  • Implementation of custom workflows and views to support your business processes


Implementation Process


We use a variety of tools to extract, elicit, discover, and gather all necessary requirements for a successful project.


Our System Architects design a solution from requirements gathered.


We build your entire vault, custom integrations, and web portals.


We launch the solution on client hardware or Strickland Solutions’ Amazon Cloud. We run functional and systematic testing to verify quality control.


We work with you on user acceptance testing to validate the solution. Strickland Solutions provides technical and user training.


M-Files brings together information in separate systems, archives, and applications into one view. The integration of business data, other business applications, and your documents is where you reap real benefits.

Get all your information into one view

Strickland Solutions is a proud partner of M-Files. We provide customers with consulting, implementation and training to ensure M-Files deployments exceed customer expectations.